Our Story

What we do 

At Fabelab, we encourage little Dreamers and Adventurers to imagine, explore and discover - filling their surroundings with playfulness, stories and love.

Our products are not only beautiful and functional, they are versatile, offering various possibilities in use and interpretation. Through our designs we contribute to a playful and enjoyable environment to grow up in as well as a cosy and secure home. Our children will be the makers of tomorrow, we are the makers of their growth environment, surrounding them with appealing design, good quality and fair production. With our inspiration from all over the world, including people and culture in our team, we show our little ones to be open minded and curious about what first can feel different.

We believe in dreams expressed through our children’s creativity, their ability to creatively be proud of new achievements and innovations in their own ways and their own beautiful minds.

Fabelab supports this creativity, these dreams and the believe in being able to achieve anything in life, through a balance of playfulness, magical surprises, sophisticated colours and simple geometry.

We design innovative and soft products for everyday use, that are made responsibly.

 Our collections consist of a range of colours that are soothing to the eye and at the same time playful and sophisticated.

Who we are  

MICHAELA WEISSKIRCHNER-BARFOD is the founder and the designer of Fabelab. She is an Austrian architect with a background in scenography and experience in developing creative projects. Michaela created Fabelab in 2013 to realise her ideas of playful and sustainable design. She embraces Scandinavian design, taking inspiration from people’s stories and cultures.

"As an architect and mother of 2 girls, I get inspired by both my work and my children to develop innovative products for cuddling, playing and everyday use. I like those small moments of amazement and the magic we can bring to childhood by encouraging their fantasy. Creating the FABELAB universe, I can combine my background in architecture and scenography, spacial principles and storytelling, into functional and inspiring designs.” 

PAOLA GRIMALT  joined the Fabelab team in 2013. She has a BA in Design and Business with a specialization in Sustainable Purchasing. She works closely with Michaela in the design process but she is mainly responsible for keeping in touch with our production team/partners. She also enjoys doing customer service and making sure that all queries are always answered empathetically.

‘’I love working at Fabelab where I get motivated to share ideas that can be long lasting and functional in designs that are also fun. My two boys are always an inspiration to encourage Fabelab to get a sustainable approach’’

We love to work as a team. We have been fortunate to have worked with the following creative, ambitious and inspiring people:

Textile designer Caitlyn Ryall from Canada developing new designs. Photographers Patricia Weisskirchner, Klaus Andorfer from Austria and Choki Lindberg from Denmark. Graphic designer Naja Jin Dahl Knudsen from Denmark designing our logo and identity. Nina Olafsson from Iceland helping with marketing our products. Designer Shoko Nakanishi from Japan drawing her fun and narrative illustrations.


The brand

Fabelab’s products are designed by Michaela W-B, an Austrian architect living and working in Copenhagen and her small team of talented designers. Michaela has embraced Scandinavian design principles, taking inspiration from the stories of people around her, her background as an architect and stage designer, and her two young girls who continuously push for imaginative and purposeful playthings. Her design process often begins with folding paper, and she loves the simplicity of geometric shapes that can be interpreted individually.



We are firm believers in storytelling and make believe. We create products that inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful, broadening horizons and encouraging understanding and empathy.


The products

At Fabelab, we challenge ourselves to create innovative children’s products for everyday use that are made responsibly and with love. Beauty and functionality are at the forefront of our design process. We design products that stimulate children’s senses and imagination throughout every stage of their development, becoming an integral part of their play universe.


Organic & Sustainable

Our products are carefully made using organic cotton from our GOTS-certified partner company in India. Our new Mini Makers initiative turns our paper packaging into sweet and interactive craft projects for little ones. Upcycling and reusability are core tenets of Fabelab, and we work to ensure that everything we make has a dual purpose.