Animal Play Mat Cat
Animal Play Mat Cat
Animal Play Mat Cat

Animal Play Mat Cat

799,00 kr

Sleepovers possess a cosy allure and magic that isn't easily forgotten. Friday movie nights elicit the same fond feelings, along with the smell of slightly-burnt popcorn and sticky sweet candy.

Piled high with cosy blankets on a playroom floor, or folded into a chair in the living room, our play mats are multipurpose and work throughout the whole home. Thick and comfortable enough for all kinds of play, the strings allow for them to be rolled and tied into different positions, allowing for lots of imagination! 

Product Details
The filling is recycled polyester mixed with organic cotton. This mix ensures a solid and heavy weight with extra fluff for added cosiness.  

70x150 cm

Care Instructions 
Wipe with wet cloth to clean. 
Designed in Denmark | Made in India